Zoning office

Zoning Officer    Casey Tucker     740-366-3473


zoning fees


Residential Buildings / Additions / Accessory Structures -------------------- $25.00 + $3.00/100 Sq FT

Commercial Buildings / Additions / Accessory Structures-------------------- $100.00 + $3.00/100 Sq Ft

Signs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------$25.00 / Each

Swimming Pools -------------------------------------------------------------------$25.00

Garage Sales ------------------------------------------------------------------------$3.00

Zoning Resolution & Map ---------------------------------------------------------$7.50 / Each

Trailer - Temporary Residence ----------------------------------------------------$40.00

Trailer - Visitor Permit -------------------------------------------------------------$3.00

Board of Zoning Appeals / Zoning Commission Hearings -----------------------$300.00

**Deposit to cover actual expenses including, but not limited to

Advertising, Postage, Copies, Stenographer fees, Filing fee, etc.**

All Payments are requested to be made by check or money order
Payable to: Newark Township Trustees

Zoning officer            Casey Tucker        740-366-3473

Zoning Meetings

All Meetings of the Newark Township Zoning Commission and the Newark Zoning Board of Appeals will be held at the Newark Township House at 310 Deo Drive. Newark Ohio 43055.


For further information on meeting dates and times,

Please contact one of the Newark Township Trustees.